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Automatic Cardboard Box Making Machine 1600MM 150m Per Min For Corrugated Sheet

China CHINA YIKE GROUP CO.,LTD certification
China CHINA YIKE GROUP CO.,LTD certification
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Automatic Cardboard Box Making Machine 1600MM 150m Per Min For Corrugated Sheet

Automatic Cardboard Box Making Machine 1600MM 150m Per Min For Corrugated Sheet
Automatic Cardboard Box Making Machine 1600MM 150m Per Min For Corrugated Sheet

Large Image :  Automatic Cardboard Box Making Machine 1600MM 150m Per Min For Corrugated Sheet

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: YUNXIANG
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: YX-1600-2-150
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set Corrugated Cardboard Line
Packaging Details: Corrugated Cardboard Line Packaged By Plastic Film
Delivery Time: Corrugated Cardboard Line Within 6 Months
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 Sets Corrugated Cardboard Line Per Month

Automatic Cardboard Box Making Machine 1600MM 150m Per Min For Corrugated Sheet

Name: Corrugated Cardboard Box Making Machine Ply: 2 Ply
Other: Corrugation Line Speed: 150
High Light:

corrugated board making machine


single facer corrugated machine


2 Ply 1600MM 150m Per Min Automatic Corrugated line For Corrugated Sheet


150-1600 single corrugated cardboard production line


specification Equipment name UNIT QTY Remark
ZJ-V5B Hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand a 2

The spindle¢240mm,hyperbola heavy rocker,toothed chuck,multi-disc ventilated disc brakes,hydraulic drive lift,left and right translation,for medium.

Rail length 6000mm,trolley used 10mm plate welding.

  Paper trolley a 4
RG-1-900 Preheater a 2 roller¢900mm,including certificate of pressure vessel.Electromotion adjustment angle.
SF-320C Fingerless type single facer a 1 Corrugated main roller ¢320mm,material with 48CrMo alloy steel,tungsten carbide dealing,Tile roll modular group lifting transfer.Airbag ballasting structure,import main bearing,PLC automatic control glue,HMI touch screen,Breaks automatic parking relief,steam heating way.
ZDF Conveyor bridge set 1 Independent frequency motor drive lifting, transmission.Main beam is connected with the 20th channel, 16-beam, No. 63 angles, columns, etc. Both sides of the security fence, the word pedals, ladders.
DHE-150 Single corrugated the aspect Cutter(Spiral knife Crosscutting,NC thin knife slitting,down stacking ) a 1 AC servo control spiral knife structure,Touch screen display. Collect paper machine adopting a classification adjustable count output cardboard,The maximum length of stacked is 1.3 meters. pull paper feed and transverse motor is all frequency speed control, NC thin knife slitting 5 group blades.Spiral knife Crosscutting.

NOTE:all the technical parameters and data of this file,Explanation ownership HRB PACK GROUP CO.,LTD.


Main Technical Parameters and Requirements in Production Line

ü HRB-150-1600 single corrugated cardboard production line

1.MAX. Produce width:1600mm design speed:150m/min Economic speed:90-120m/min

note:Production line speed test paper should meet the following requirements:(Equipment surface temperature not lower than 172 ℃ above)

﹡Paper grade of not less than B grade ﹡Paper moisture content of about:11%±2%

﹡Facial tissue:100—250g/m2 ﹡core paper:100--180g/m2

1, Flute-type combination:A ,C, B, E(Or a choice by the customer)

2, Steam about500Kg/Hr, Maximum pressure:1.2Mpa,Common pressure:0.8-1.1Mpa

3,Power supply:380V 50Hz Three-phase four-wire system

4,equipment installed total power:about 90KW Actual electric consumption:about30KW

5,Equipment area:about 30m×11m×5m(Specific length of foundation Figure prevail)

6,Equipment out of paper orientation:according to user’s factory to determine drive left or right

7,Equipment applicability,Available in A, B, C class domestic or imported paper Paper

Customer-owned section

1, steam heating system:proposal with 1000Kg / Hr of a steam boiler pressure:1.25Mpa steam pipeline.

2,air compressed machine,air pipeline,glue conveying pipe.

3, power supply,wires connected to the operation panel and line pipe.

4, water sources,water pipelines,buckets and so on.

5,Water, electricity, gas flush mounting civil foundation.

6,Test with the base paper,corn starch (potato),Industrial use caustic soda,borax and other material.

7, Oil equipment,lubricating oil,hydraulic oil,lubricating grease.

8, installation,commissioning of food, accommodation.And provide installers with the installation.



u ZJ-V5B hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand

Ø structural feature:

ü Adopt hydraulic drive to complete the paper clamping, loosen, remove for the medium, translation left and right and others,the lifting of the paper adopts hydraulic drive.

ü Brake adjustable adopts multipoint braking system.

ü Every stand matched two sets paper car , and they can paper on the both sides at the same time.



Ø Technical parameters:

1,the range of clamping paper:MAX1600mm MIN1000mm 2,clamping diameters:MAX¢1500mm MIN¢350mm

3,main shaft diameter of paper holder:¢242mm 4,gas source work pressure(Mpa):0.4---0.8Mpa

5,equipment size:Lmx4.3*Wmx1.8*Hmx1.6 6,single weight:MAX4000Kg

Ø Hydraulic system parameters:

1.Work pressure(Mpa):16---18Mpa 2,lifting hydraulic cylinder:¢100×440mm

3.Clamping hydraulic cylinder:¢63×1300m 4,hydraulic station motor power:3KW --380V -- 50Hz

5,solenoid valve voltage:220V 50 Hz

Ø Mainly purchased parts, raw materials and origin:

Name of main parts Brands or place of origin material
Main shaft Day steel production diameter242mm
Swing arm Production by own Resin sand gray ironHT200
wallboard Jigang prduction Q235AWelding parts
bearing HRB,ZWZ,LYC  
Toothed chuck Zhejiang xusheng 3,4inch shared
Main electrical appliance France Schneider  
button CHINT NP2series  
Air switch French Schneider  
Pneumatic components Japan SMC or Taiwan Airtac  
Hydraulic station Shandong zaozhuang  
Brake pump zhejiang  

u paper trolley, track


Ø Structural feature:

ü The whole track buried,The main frame of the 14th Channel steel with ¢ 20mm cold drawn welded round,length of track 4510mm.

ü Each paper holder matched two sets paper trolley, and paper on both sides at the same time.pull the roller paper to the right place.

Ø Mainly purchased parts, raw materials and origin:

Name of main parts Brands or place of origin material
track and paper car Tanggang or jigang NO14channel steel,Q235A,steel strip
bearing HRB,ZWZ,LYC  


u RG-1-900 preheater

Ø Structural features:

ü Preheat roller accord the pressure container national standards,and enclose the pressure container certificates and inspection certificate.

ü Each roller surface after grinding precision grinding and dealing with hard chrome plating, Surface friction is small, durable.

ü Electromotion adjustment angle, and angle can rotation adjustment the preheat area in the range of 360°.


Ø Technical parameters:

1,Effective width:1600mm 2,diameter of preheat roller:¢900mm

3,angle adjustment range:360°rotation 4,angle shaft diameter:¢110mm×2

5,steam temperature:150-180℃ 6,steam pressure:0.8-1.3Mpa

7,equipment size:Lmx3.3*Wmx1.1*Hmx1.3 8,single weight:MAX1800Kg

9,working power:380V 50Hz 10,Motor power:250W short(S2)working system

Ø Mainly purchased parts, raw materials and origin:

Name of main parts Brands or place of origin material
Steam rotation joint Quanzhou yujie  
preheater Hangang or jigang Q235Bpressure containerboard
bearing HRB,ZWZ,LYC  
Seat belt bearing Zhejiang wuhuan  
Reducer Shandong dezhou  
contactor schneider  
Angle axis   GB seamless steel pipe¢110
traps beijing Inverted bucket



u SF-320C fingerless type single facer

Ø Structural feature:

ü adopt hood suction structure,matched high pressure powerful fan. Gas supply and electrical control cabinet to focus on the same operation, the operating side full cover closed.

ü High quality resin sand casting,wall thickness 200mm.Adopt independent gear box, Universal joint transmission structure.

ü install the lifting trolley on the conveyor bridge,Need to use the car will tile roll assembly and pressure roller, such as convenient and quick.

ü Glue roller unit structure with the overall relocation,Maintenance can sway the machine at the overall maintenance,improve the working efficiency.

ü The humidity control apparatus equipped with a spray, so flute type to maintain good stability of deformation, avoid dry.

ü Automatic circulation system for glue, two-cylinder pneumatic gluing device, with good cushioning effect.

ü Glue department using integrated slide structure,Glue roller surface after grinding engraved with 25 lines and pit-style textured hard chrome plating.

ü corrugated roller adopt tungsten carbide dealing,diameter of the main corrugated roller¢ 320mm,Quenched→rough car→bore fine boring→shaft head shrunk-on→welding → tempering to stress→fine cars→coarse grinding→IF quenching→CNC grinding machine grinding→Hard chrome plating,hardness of surface is HRC58degrees.

ü Active force variable frequency motor drive, energy efficient, low failure rate.

ü Glue wide electric adjust to changes in the width of the paper used.

ü Amount of glue size with electric adjustment, touch screen display and operation of the encoder transmission coating gap, high accuracy.

ü Power and operating parts with a safety net to ensure the safety of personnel in the operation of machinery.





Ø Technical parameters:

1,effective width:1600mm 2,operate direction:left or right(Determined in accordance with the customer's facility)

3,design speed:150m/min 4,range of temperature:160—180℃

5,air source:0.4—0.9Mpa 6,steam pressure:0.8—1.3Mpa


Ø Roller diameter parameters:

1,corrugated roller:up¢313mm down¢316mm pressure roller:¢320mm

2 ,glue roller:¢240mm fixed paste roller: ¢140mm preheat roller:¢402mm

Ø Powered motor parameters:

1,main frequency drive motor:18.5KW rated voltage:380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working standard

2,suction motor:11KW rated voltage:380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working standard

3,glue reducer:100W rated voltage:380V 50Hz Continuous (S2) working standard

4,glue gap motor:250W rated voltage:380V 50Hz short(S2) working standard

5,glue pump motor:2.2KW rated voltage:380V 50Hz Continuous (S1)working standard

Ø Auxiliary equipment:

1,Special pulley crane configuration tile roll maintenance, convenient to use when maintenance tile roll, and fast.

2,Configuring an external guide pulley crane to lengthen the trip, in order to successfully remove the line outside the repair parts.

Ø Mainly purchased parts, raw materials and origin:

Name of main parts Brands or place of origin material
wallboard Production by own HT250
Transmission box hebei QT450
Corrugated roller   Alloy steel corrugated
Rotation joint and Metal Hose Fujian quanzhou yujie  
Main frequency motor Hebei hengshui yongshun motor factory  
Reducer motor Taiwan chengbang  
Bearings HRB,ZWZ,LYC  
Corrugated roller and pressure roller bearing America Timken  
Seat belt bearing Zhejiang wuhuan  
High pressure fans Shanghai yingfa motor factory  
cylinder Zhejiang sonor CSM  
Solenoid valve Japan SMC or Taiwan Airtac  
traps beijing Inverted bucket type
contacts France schneider  
button Chint NP2 series  
Air switch French Schneider  
Position Sensor Japan OMRON  
Frequency controller Taiwan delta  
PLC Taiwan delta  
Human Machine Interface Taiwan WEINVIEW or MCGS  
Lose rubber pump Hebei botou  



u ZDF conveyor bridge

Ø Structural feature:

ü This part of the main frame with channel, beam, angle and so connected together.

ü other sides are equipped with safety barriers and security herringbone pedal operation face a safety ladder, ensure staff safety and ease of operation.

ü independent variable frequency motor lifting mechanism, PVC conveyor belt, a single watt of cardboard into a wavy rule stable.

ü All roller surface after grinding hard chrome plated.

ü Bridge over the auxiliary high-strength composite sheet, smooth, durable, low friction, reducing transportation resistance cardboard.





Ø Technical parameters:

1,working width:1600mm Highest height:3000mm Working speed:150m/min

2,Paper roll and tension roller: ¢130mm Conveyor roller:¢180mm

3,Single-sided corrugated lift motor:3KW (frequency) 380V 50Hz Continuous(S1)Working standard



Ø Mainly purchased parts, raw materials and origin:

Name of main parts Brands or place of origin material
The bridge main skeleton Tiangang or tanggang NO20channel iron,NO18beam,NO12channel iron,NO63angle,60*80squal steel and so on connected.
guardrail tiangang ¢42mmLow pressure fluid pipe
Paper lifting leather belt Shanghai PVC conveyor
Cardboard conveyor Hebei Parallel transport rubber band
Seat belt bearing Zhejiang wuhuan  
Paper motor Hebei hengshui  
Conveying rollers and the rollers, the paper roll Tiangang Seamless steel pipe  
contactor CHNT or DELIXI  
Trip switch Zhejiang CHNT  

Note: All the roller surface after grinding and hard chrome plated





u DHE-150 Single corrugated the aspect Cutter(Spiral knife Crosscutting,NC thin knife slitting,down stacking )




Ø Structural features:

1,Store 200 groups of orders, the man-machine interface, the screen displays information can be found at any time, modify, append, cancel.

2,American Emerson servo motor drive controller, high-performance synchronous servo motor drive.

3,Cutting Machine adopts inlaid front steel blade structure, hardened gear grinding backlash-free transmission, high precision and long life.

4,Host wall of gray cast iron, rigidity, vibration resistance.

5,stacking adopt gantry platform lifting, Reach a certain number of right-angle transverse,Three sections of the paper,Some hair design paper roll straight bend output,Second overlapping fixed-length buffer,three part points Pneumatic separate ,Accelerated export cardboard.Improve working efficiency. The maximum length of stacked is 1.6 meters .This machine is suitable for efficient production color printing business.

6,Full servo motor control, change order fast, for a single time 1-3 seconds.

7,Using thin tungsten alloy steel knife,blade sharp,the using life is more than 8000000 meters.

8,Brothers for computer-controlled, automatic or manual knife sharpener can be divided trimming knife edge, increase productivity.

9,Imported synchronous drive system, precision accurate, long life, low operating noise.

10,From high-quality imported industrial computers and high-performance programmable controller configuration, lower computer control system.

Ø Technical parameters:

1,The maximum working width:1600mm 2,operation direction:left or right(Determined in accordance with customer plant)

3,The maximum mechanical speed:150m/min 4,Mechanical configuration:Computer spiral knife crosscutting

5,Cutting length:300-1600mm 6,Minimum slitting width:180mm

7,Precision Cutter:±1mm(Uniform) ±1.5mm(Non-uniform) 8,5 groups ¢200blades

Ø Roller diameter parameters:

1,Cross on the knife shaft diameter:¢200mm Balancing done deal

2,Cross under the knife shaft diameter:¢200mm Balancing done deal

3,Under the pull roller diameter:¢156mm Balancing done deal

Note: After all have been grinding rollers, hard chrome plated at (upper and lower arbor exception) processing.

Ø Power motors and electrical parameters:

1,Main drive motor power:12.5KW Full AC synchronous servo motors

2,Pull the paper motor power:3KW(Frequency Control)

3,Feed motor power:1.5KW(Frequency Control)

4,Transverse motor power:0.75KW(Frequency Control)



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Automatic Cardboard Box Making Machine 1600MM 150m Per Min For Corrugated Sheet 1


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