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Full Computer Control Flexo Printer Slotter Machine 200pcs/Min Max Speed

China CHINA YIKE GROUP CO.,LTD certification
China CHINA YIKE GROUP CO.,LTD certification
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Full Computer Control Flexo Printer Slotter Machine 200pcs/Min Max Speed

Full Computer Control Flexo Printer Slotter Machine 200pcs/Min Max Speed
Full Computer Control Flexo Printer Slotter Machine 200pcs/Min Max Speed Full Computer Control Flexo Printer Slotter Machine 200pcs/Min Max Speed Full Computer Control Flexo Printer Slotter Machine 200pcs/Min Max Speed

Large Image :  Full Computer Control Flexo Printer Slotter Machine 200pcs/Min Max Speed

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: YIKE GROUP
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: YK-1224
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set Flexo Folder Gluer Machine
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Flexo Folder Gluer Machine Packages By Plastic Film, Container
Delivery Time: 6 Months For Flexo Folder Gluer Machine
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 3 Sets Per Month For Flexo Folder Gluer Machine

Full Computer Control Flexo Printer Slotter Machine 200pcs/Min Max Speed

Other Name: Flexo Printer Slotter With Gluer Inline Max. Speed: 200pcs/min
Max. Feeding Size: 1200 / 2400 Wall Thickness: 50mm
High Light:

printing slotting die cutting machine


flexo printing and die cutting machine


YIKE GROUP 5+1 HD Full-Process Adsorption 1224 Printing Glazing Drying Die-Cutting Machine With Electric Die-Cut Stacker




Technical Parameters


Mechanical maximum speed (sheets / min) 200
Maximum feed width (mm) 1200×2400
Minimum feed width (mm) 350×600
Sheet feed (mm) 1500×2400
Maximum printing format (mm) 1200×2360
Standard plate thickness (mm) 7.2
Minimum slot spacing (single axis) Positive knife (mm) 170×170×170×170
Counter knife (mm) 340×60×340×60
Maximum groove depth (mm)   300
Payment   30% T/T Deposit, 70% T/T Before shipping



Machine Description


The whole process of adsorption 1224 HD 5+1 printing, drying, glazing, die-cutting machine adopts full computer control, equipped with independent operation console, which can perform remote network diagnosis, remote order reading and writing control, etc., up to 200 pieces/min. The running speed can meet the needs of fast order production. The printing department equipped with the squeegee and ceramic anilox roller can meet the requirements of high-definition printing. The high stability of the equipment under high-speed operation can meet the requirements of high-quality operation. The transmission roller with tapered transition To ensure the printing stability of the machine under high-speed operation, the gear teeth of high-quality alloy steel 20CrMnTi material are used to ensure the transmission stability of the equipment under high-speed operation. The units equipped with automatic tracking can feed, print, glaze and bake. The dry and die-cutting positions are automatically tracked to ensure that there is no need to return to zero during the production process, and the plate change is fast, improving work efficiency.




1. Man-machine interface operation, convenient and quick, with main control man-machine interface (12-inch touch screen), independent computer operation display, order memory function.

2. All drive rollers are made of high quality steel, hard chrome plated, surface ground, tapered transition, seamless steel tube for the roller body

3. The printing roller is the forging of the shaft head, the taper transition, and the movement balance correction is performed after all processing;

4. The transmission gear is made of high-quality alloy steel 20CrMnTi material, and the heat treatment Rockwell hardness is 58-62 degrees.

5. The whole machine is equipped with remote network diagnosis function, which can be remotely controlled and used;

6. Paper feeding, printing, slotting, die-cutting position automatic tracking, no need to return to zero, quick change plate.

7. All the bottom and bottom roller gap adjustments can be automatically completed after inputting data.

8. Each unit can be separated automatically, and the positioning position of the hanging plate can be easily changed.

9. Each unit wall (cylinder lock) is automatically separated.

10. The surface of the electric cabinet and the outer cover is dusted.


Function Configuration Parameter


1. The paper feeding department

A. Machine control:

1. The electric control machine is separated from the alarm bell, and the bell is continuously ringing during the march;

2. The main motor is controlled by the inverter and has a start protection function (the machine cannot be started when it is not locked);

3. Each machine is equipped with a safety control switch, which can control the machine to walk inside the machine to ensure the safety of the operation;

4. Pneumatic interlocking device;

5. Electrical action execution is controlled by PLC programming.

B. Leading edge paper feeding

1. Guangdong Ou Jinte leading edge paper feeding table, three-axis roller feeding; (Rexus paper feeding system)

2. The fan is controlled by frequency converter, which can track the speed of the vehicle to control the air volume;

3. The front and back of the paper holder are electrically adjusted before and after;

4. The left and right side bezel adjustments can be set automatically by the computer, digital display;

5. Front bezel clearance electric adjustment;

6. Electronic eye and counter can automatically count the production quantity; also can set the number of production sheets, and can automatically stop feeding when the set quantity is reached.

C. The first group of paper feed rollers

1. The paper feeding rubber roller is made of solid steel wrapped wear-resistant rubber with an outer diameter of φ149.5mm. The cylinder is used to automatically guarantee the strength of the cardboard;

2. Paper feed roller gap, the computer can be set to automatically adjust, digital display.

3. The outer diameter of the feeding roller is φ159.11mm, and the surface of the lower roller is meshed to reduce the damage of the cardboard and ensure the compressive strength of the cardboard;

D. The second group of paper feeding

Vacuum adsorption transfer

E. Zeroing the whole machine

1. The paper feeding part, the printing part, the slotting part, and the die cutting part are electrically returned to zero after being combined;

2. Zeroing the whole machine can reduce the number of trials, save resources and reduce waste.

F. Dust removal device

1. The ion wind electrostatic dust removal device is used to assist the vacuum suction to remove the surface paper dust quickly;

2. The dust suction duct adopts segmentation control, and the air volume can be adjusted according to the size of the printed cardboard;

3. The dust suction duct is equipped with a brush to better remove impurities on the paper and improve the printing quality.


2. Printer Unit


A. Printing roller

1. The outer diameter of the printing roller is φ391mm, the forging of the shaft head, the tapered transition, the seamless steel tube is used for the roller body, and the balance is corrected after all processing;

2. Adopt ratchet fixed type hanging plate, fixed on both sides to prevent the printing plate from moving;

3. When loading and unloading the printing plate, you can use the foot switch to electrically control the positive and negative rotation.

B. Printing the lower pressing roller

1. The outer diameter is φ180.04mm, the surface of the steel pipe is hard chrome plated; the balance is corrected;

2. Print the gap of the lower roller, the computer can be set to automatically adjust, digital display, the adjustment range is 0-12mm.

C. Anilox roller

1. The outer diameter is φ212.14mm, using ceramic anilox roller.

2. The gap between the anilox roller and the printing roller, the computer can be set to automatically adjust, digital display, the adjustment range is 0-6mm.

D. Scratch chamber

1. It is made by Guangzhou Kerou Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

2. Innovative chamber fluid dynamics and ink seal design, good ink transfer effect, more energy saving.

3. Air pressure or cylinder adjustment lock, scraper wear automatically compensates, so that the anilox roller and the squeegee fit better to get the best squeegee effect.

4. All-round installation design can replace any old-fashioned rubber roller or single scraper system.

E. Phase adjustment

1. The phase adjustment adopts the brake motor, the computer can be set to automatically adjust, digital display; and has a memory function, which can be reset to the original printing point after the middle printing;

2. The phase motor adopts frequency conversion control, and the two speed modes make operation and reset more accurate;

3. Left and right traverse using the computer can be set to automatically adjust, digital display, moving left and right 10mm;

The double-nut mechanism is used for the clearance, and the printing plate roller has high stability at high speed.

4. The phase is fixed by an electromagnetic brake mechanism. When the machine is separated or adjusted in phase, the brake mechanism limits the rotation of the machine and keeps the plate position fixed.

F. Ink supply system

1. The ink fountain sprays a special anti-adhesive layer, which can quickly clean the ink and install a scraping structure to prevent splashing of ink.

2. When the ink is cleaned, the ink return and the water supply are automatically switched and supplied, and the operation is convenient;

G. Other

1. Equipped with a paper feed control switch to stop feeding when printing or slotting is abnormal;

2. With touch screen display, convenient for data setting and control.


3. Diecutter Unit


A upper anvil roller:

1. Outer diameter Φ388.9 (or Φ384), seamless tube material, dynamic balance correction, shaft forging, more steel.

2. The thickness of the pad is 8 (or 10), the outer diameter is Φ404.9 (or Φ404), and the width is 250mm, a total of 13 pieces.

3. Electric/computer adjustment with die clearance.

4. Mechanical lateral displacement device, driving the upper anvil drum to reciprocate 40mm, extending the service life of the rubber pad.

5. Repair the rubber pad tool device, use the rubber pad after multiple repairs to reduce the cost of use.

B lower die roller:

1. The outer diameter is Φ360 (excluding the die), the shaft head is forged and the rigidity is stronger.

2. The die height is 25.4mm.

3. Phase adjustment 360 degrees, positive reversal, electric adjustment, can be carried out during operation.

4. Lateral adjustment device, displacement of ±10mm left and right.

5. The thickest die cutting paper is 10mm.

6. The speed difference compensation device reduces the surface speed after the pad wears, and corrects the surface speed of the pad by the phase-like motor chasing speed, so that the product accuracy does not change due to the change of the pad diameter. The advantages are not caused by the servo motor damage, and the processing failure is fast.


4. Order Storage

  • 1. It is equipped with a Delta touch screen for easy operation and control.
  • 2. Can store 1000 orders;
  • 3. The setting of the order parameters can be centralized;
  • 4. The parameters that the machine is currently running can be saved so that it can be called the next time the same order is made.


5. Transmission Gear

  • 1. The main drive gear material is made of high quality alloy steel 20CrMnTi; the carburized and quenched in the tooth, the hardness and hardness of HRC58-62 is good;
  • 2. Tooth surface and grinding to improve the smoothness of the transmission;
  • 3. The tooth surface is sprayed and lubricated with an oil pump to improve the service life of the gear;
  • 4. The oil level of each unit adopts oil leveler to ensure the same amount of oil in each group.


6. Keyless Connection Ring

  • 1. All gears and shafts are connected with a keyless collar (Xianyang overrun), no gaps, high positioning accuracy and accurate overprinting;
  • 2. Installation and maintenance is more convenient.


7. The main parts of the origin

  • 1. Leading edge paper feeding system: Guangdong
  • 2.Motor: Taiwan Chengbang motor, die-cutting unit compensation motor using Siemens motor
  • 3. Edition Roller: Guangdong
  • 4. Inverter: Taiwan Delta
  • 5. The main motor adopts Hebei Mengniu Motor;
  • 6. Electrical components: Taiwan Delta
  • 7. Bearing: NSK
  • 8. Pneumatic components: Zhejiang
  • 9. One-way clutch: Xianyang
  • 10. Diaphragm pump: American Pax (BSK)
  • 11. Squeegee: Guangdong Kerou
  • 12. Ceramic Anilox Roll: Jiangsu Haili
  • 13. Die-cutting pad: German Dipper
  • 14. Driver: German Rexroth
  • 15. Encoder: Japan Omron


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