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Fully Suction,High Definition 6 Color Ink Printing(Bottom Printing) With Folder Gluer and Stitcher Inline

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China CHINA YIKE GROUP CO.,LTD certification
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Fully Suction,High Definition 6 Color Ink Printing(Bottom Printing) With Folder Gluer and Stitcher Inline

Fully Suction,High Definition 6 Color Ink Printing(Bottom Printing) With Folder Gluer and Stitcher Inline
Fully Suction,High Definition 6 Color Ink Printing(Bottom Printing) With Folder Gluer and Stitcher Inline Fully Suction,High Definition 6 Color Ink Printing(Bottom Printing) With Folder Gluer and Stitcher Inline Fully Suction,High Definition 6 Color Ink Printing(Bottom Printing) With Folder Gluer and Stitcher Inline

Large Image :  Fully Suction,High Definition 6 Color Ink Printing(Bottom Printing) With Folder Gluer and Stitcher Inline

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: YIKE GROUP
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: YX-920
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set Flexo Folder Gluer Machine
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Flexo Folder Gluer Machine Packages By Plastic Film, Container
Delivery Time: 6 Months For Flexo Folder Gluer Machine
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 2 Sets Per Month For Flexo Folder Gluer Machine

Fully Suction,High Definition 6 Color Ink Printing(Bottom Printing) With Folder Gluer and Stitcher Inline

Name: Flexo Folder Gluer Machine Size: 1800x3800
Other Name: Flexo Printer Slotter With Gluer Inline Max. Speed: 250pcs/min
Usage: Corrugated Casemaker Wall Thickness: 50mm
High Light:

flexo printing and die cutting machine


printing slotting die cutting machine


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Fully Suction,High Definition 6 Color Ink Printing(Bottom Printing) With Folder Gluer and Stitcher Inline



YK-1800x3800 Fully Suction, High Definition Lead Edge Feeding, 6 Color Ink Printing ( Bottom Printing Type)

(2 Groups of Drying) Slotting Die Cutting with Folder Gluer and Stitcher Inline


Functional Specification and Technical Parameters


Feeder 1 Unit

Machine Clutch

  1. The electric control machine is equipped with an alarm bell and keeps ringing warnings during the journey to ensure the safety of the workers.
  2. The transmission shaft is equipped with a safety clutch to avoid malfunction and damage the machine (the main engine cannot start running when the machine is not locked).
  3. Pneumatic interlocking device.
  4. The main motor starts the protection device.

Adsorption Leading Edge Paper Feeding System

  1. The leading edge paper feed mechanism can reduce the clogging phenomenon during the paper feeding process to the maximum extent.
  2. The suction fan assists in feeding the paper to ensure that the curved cardboard is smoothly fed. The air volume can be adjusted according to the size of the cardboard, and the vacuum adsorption force of the cardboard can be ensured to the maximum extent, so that the paper feeding is more accurate.
  3. The front baffle and the rear baffle adopt manual adjustment of the gap, and the left and right side baffles of the paper feed electrically adjust the gap.
  4. The paper feed roller is made of polyurethane material, which has high friction and long durability.
  5. Suitable for three, five and seven layers of corrugated cardboard, including E corrugated cardboard
  6. Paper feed counter, set and display the production quantity.

Dust Removal Device

  1. It is equipped with a dust removal mechanism (dust removal brush) to effectively remove impurities on the surface of the cardboard and improve printing quality.

Paper Feed Roller

  1. The outer diameter is Ф180mm.
  2. Seamless steel tubes, wrapped in wear-resistant rubber, and balanced.
  3. The lower feed roller is chrome plated.
  4. The paper feed roller has an upper and lower adjustment range of 0-12mm.

Operation Control Switch (PLC Computer Control)

  1. The control panel is equipped with a 10-inch touch screen, which can control the paper feeding part, printing part, slotting part and die-cutting part, and is easy to operate.

Automatic Zeroing Device

  1. The paper feed section, the printing section, the slotted section, and the die-cut section are automatically zeroed.
  2. In general, the carton uses an automatic zeroing device, and two prints can be adjusted to the correct position to reduce paper waste.

Printer 6 Units (Full-adsorption paper feeding, ceramic anilox roller with scraper, anilox roller quick change)

Printing Roller

  1. The outer diameter is Ф584.2mm (including the outer diameter of the plate Ф598.2mm).
  2. Steel plate material, surface polished, hard chrome plated.
  3. Dynamic balance correction, smooth operation.
  4. Ratchet fixed roll shaft.
  5. Full-format slats for 9mm hanging strips.
  6. The printing plate is loaded and unloaded, and the electric control of the foot switch is reversed.

Printing Embossing Roller

  1. The outer diameter is Ф198mm.
  2. The surface of the steel pipe is ground and hard chrome plated.
  3. Balance correction and smooth operation.
  4. The printing platen has an upper and lower adjustment range of 0-12mm.
  5. The paper feed roller has an upper and lower adjustment range of 0-12mm.

Evening Part

Printing department ceramic mesh roller with doctor blade. First color XXX mesh, second color XXX mesh, third color XXX mesh, fourth color XXX mesh, fifth color XXX mesh, etc. (above mesh, customer custom)

Ceramic roller with doctor blade introduction

  • Ceramic mesh with semi-closed scraper.
  • The scraper system uses American technology, beautifully printed, and ultra low loss.
  • Prevent evaporation from being more environmentally friendly.
  • The inking touch adjustment of the anilox roller is a pneumatic pressure-pressing action, and the protection device is automatically lifted when the air is stopped. At the same time, the transmission gear center is unchanged.
  • The gap between the anilox roller and the plate wheel is slightly adjusted.
  • Automatic sensor detection ink system, including warning lights and alarm bells.
  • The ink pump is a single diaphragm type pneumatic pump, which can recover the water in the pump and the water in the tube with filter and ink circulation system.
  • The cartridge is quickly disassembled and the inner surface is sprayed with Teflon to improve cleaning efficiency.
  • Closed cover and recycled ink tank device for easy cleaning and leak proof design.
  • The steel hard transfer wheel has a longer service life than the rubber wheel and maintains the accuracy of the cardboard conveyance for a long time.
  • The memory returns to the original printing position function, and the printing plate is rotated on the cleaning plate, and the relative positions of the respective colors before the stop are automatically recorded.
  • Printing wheel surface grinding and chrome plating
  • Made of high quality steel, surface grinding, hard chrome plating. Static balance correction, smooth operation, adapt to high speed operation.
  • The guide body is engraved in the horizontal direction and the circumferential direction of the roller body to facilitate the alignment.
  • Worm gear wormless stepless shaft. Suitable for standard hanging slats for quick change.
  • The motorized 360° front and back adjusts the printing roller, and the digital automatically displays the adjustment amount.
  • Install the foot switch to control the platen cylinder to reverse the reverse, easy to change the plate
  • Automatic zero function,
  • The printing roller is electrically adjusted in the axial direction.

Ink supply system:

  • Pneumatic diaphragm pump, easy to operate, easy to maintain, stable ink supply.
  • Circulating pneumatic inking, automatic cleaning of ink.
  • The filter screen filters impurities to ensure print quality.
  • Phase adjustment mechanism: all phases are adjusted using this mechanism
  • Unique planetary gear structure, 360 degree adjustment, both running and stopping.
  • Print phase adjustment digital display.
  • The system is automatically reset after scrubbing the plate.
  • Phase fixing system:
  • Electromagnetic clutch brake brake. The clutch or phase adjustment of the unit, the original meshing point of the transmission gear does not change.

Doctor Blade

  • Professional manufacturers to ensure the quality of the scraper system.
  • The inner cavity of the scraper is sprayed with Teflon material so that the ink does not bond to the cavity for easy cleaning.
  • Single scraper form for easy disassembly. (Can be equipped with double scraper)
  • The pneumatic push mode allows the scraper to fit the ceramic roller smoothly and the ink is evenly distributed.
  • Insufficient automatic ink alarm device to avoid damage to the scraper and ceramic anilox roller.
  • Scraper and ceramic anilox automatic cleaning system.

Suction Box

  1. The embossing roller is made of high-quality seamless steel tube, surface polished and hard chrome-plated.
  2. After the embossing roller is statically balanced, it is corrected for dynamic balance and runs smoothly.
  3. Multiple sets of roller arrangements ensure smooth and smooth paper feeding.
  4. The lifting and lowering of the suction box adopts electric adjustment/digital control, and the man-machine interface is set to automatically position.
  5. The vacuum adsorption box fan is controlled by a frequency converter and the air volume is adjustable.

Feeding Paper Upper And Lower Rollers

  1. Upper roll: outer diameter 110mm seamless steel pipe with 2 feed rollers.
  2. The feed roller gap is adjusted up and down by 0-12mm.

Phase Adjustment Mechanism

  1. Planetary gear construction.
  2. The printing phase adopts PLC, touch screen control and electric digital 360° adjustment (can be adjusted both in operation and stop).
  3. The lateral position and the electric adjustment distance are 20mm in total.
  4. The printing plate roller adopts the frequency converter to adjust the phase, and the zero return and the plate adjustment speed are fast, and the adjustment precision is high.

Ink Cycle

  1. Pneumatic diaphragm pump, stable ink supply, easy operation and maintenance.
  2. Ink filter to filter impurities.

Printed Phase Fixing Device

  1. Pneumatic brake mechanism.
  2. When the machine is separated or adjusted in phase, the brake mechanism limits the rotation of the machine to maintain the fixed position of the original gear.

Infrared Drying - Two Units

Infrared Drying System

  1. Infrared heating system, temperature rise is fast and stable. The heating power of each group is about 30kw.
  2. Temperature constant temperature control, segment heating, saving electric heating power.
  3. Temperature alarm, automatic alarm when the temperature exceeds the standard, safe and reliable.
  4. The powerful fan circulates to make the drying speed more rapid.
  5. The drying box is pneumatically adjusted and lifted, which is convenient for installing and replacing the lamp tube, and at the same time, it is convenient to adjust the drying effect.

Slotter Unit

  1. The device self-locking function pre-presses the quick-adjusting mechanism to ensure the long-term precision between the disc and the shaft, and slows the cracking of the paper when the line is pressed.
  2. The pressure line wheel adopts the latest design pre-pressing pressure roller to protect the plasticity of the cardboard from damage.
  3. It is equipped with PLC programmable control, left and right synchronous motorized electric axial movement, so that the upper and lower pressure roller, the upper and lower slotting knife, synchronous adjustment, electric box high function, and memory storage function.
  4. The planetary gear-gear phase adjustment mechanism with digital display function electrically adjusts the slotted phase and the slotted box height.
  5. A slotted knife of high quality alloy steel is used, and the width of the toothed blade is 7 mm.
  6. It is equipped with a lubricated wear-resistant guide block to ensure correct displacement of the pressure roller and slotted cutter wheel and increase durability.
  7. The slotted panel operation unit is provided with a paper feed opening, closing and a host electric button, and has a multi-point adjustment operation function.
  1. Operational control
  1. The touch screen is installed, the PLC and the rotary encoder can automatically detect the adjustment, and the storage menu can be called, and the automatic alignment is fast and efficient.
  2. The electric control switch is used to adjust the axial, longitudinal and box height dimensions of each seat.
  3. The paper gap is adjusted by a fast gap fine adjustment self-locking device.
  4. Equipped with an emergency stop to ensure safety.
  1. Slot phase/box height adjustment
  1. Slotted phase 360° positive and negative adjustment, fast time and high precision.
  2. The phase return device ensures the consistency of the slot position.
  3. The height adjustment of the box adopts the electric adjustment of the internal tooth structure to prevent the gear oil from contaminating the cardboard.
  4. The computer automatically adjusts the knife and automatically corrects it.
  • Pressure Roller
  1. High-strength pressure spool, shaft diameter Φ124mm, hard chrome plated.
  2. The axial position of the pressure roller and the slotted cutter is adjusted synchronously
  • Separate/slotted holder
  1. Slotting knife thickness 7mm, high-quality alloy steel heat-treated tooth-shaped slotting machine, manufactured by professional manufacturers to ensure quality.
  2. The shaft diameter is Φ219mm. The surface is chrome-plated and moves smoothly.
  3. The slotted, paper-distributing knife seat, pressure roller and pre-pressure wheel position are automatically adjusted in the axial direction.
  4. The grooving knife can be moved and is suitable for the production of large-size double-piece boxes.
  5. The unique chip-type chip removing device reduces cost and long life.
  6. Slotting interval, box height, controlled by PLC and rotary encoder, automatic adjustment.
  7. Up to 100 storage orders, automatic alignment is accurate and efficient.

Die-cutter Unit(Servo Motor Control)

  1. The rollers are hard chrome plated on high-quality steel and balanced for stability, increasing operational stability and reliability.
  2. The die roll and soft roll adopt international standard size, the die roll diameter is 550mm, plus the template diameter is 600mm, the soft roll diameter is 434.2mm (the excellent rubber sleeve outer diameter is 454.2mm), which can be purchased anywhere. Template and rubber pad.
  3. The gap between the die roll and the pad roller is manually adjusted.
  4. The die-cutting roller adopts a planetary structure with high precision and large bearing capacity. It can be electrically and digitally 360° adjusted for stop and operation.
  5. When the paper feed is stopped, the soft roller automatically rises to reduce the wear of the soft roller.
  6. The rubber pad adopts the polyurethane felt sleeve produced in Shanghai, which can achieve 100% cutting rate, and the incision is smooth. The order of replacement of the rubber pad should be based on the loading and unloading operation manual of the rubber pad.
  7. The rubber pad roller adopts mechanical cam type left and right movement (30mm) device, each knife is in different positions, effectively extending the felt
  8. The life of the set.
  9. The upper and lower rolls of the die cut are different in diameter, but the line speeds of the two rolls are equal. The die cutter can be controlled to infinitely circulate in the circumferential direction, so that the wear of the rubber sleeve is more uniform.
  10. The linear speed compensation device, when the diameter of the soft roller changes, the linear speed automatic compensation device automatically performs tracking compensation, without manual adjustment of the speed, ensuring that the die-cutting size of each batch of carton is completely uniform, and the use of the felt sleeve and the die is greatly extended. life.
  11. The soft roller automatic repairing device can repair the felt sleeve after being repaired several times, and the repaired felt sleeve is smooth and smooth, and maintains the same performance as the new felt sleeve. Greatly improve the reuse rate of the felt pad.

Folder Gluer + Stitcher Inline

(Upper fold) overall introduction of the glue box

The glue box machine specifications are based on the specifications of the attached printing slot machine.

Gluing department

  1. The electronic glue spraying device (ERO Italian brand) is used to prevent the glue from curing, and it is suitable for 2-12mm thick paper sizing,the glue amount is convenient to adjust.
  2. The paper is glued to the left and right to adjust the width of thecomputer.
  3. The amount of glue can be automatically adapted to the change of machine speed, the glue is evenly distributed,the belt speed of the upper and lower beams can be adjusted to be consistent with or close to the speed of the slot machine to prevent Paper Jam.


Origami section

  1. The front section of the origami is conveyed by the precise stereotyped guide wheel system, and the rear section is transported by the adsorption belt. This transmission mode is stable for the paperboard walking and does not appear to be deviated.
  2. High-strength folding beam arm, precision traverse guiding system.
  3. The origami beam is adjusted to the left or right for computer control,and can also be electrically adjusted.
  4. The transfer adsorption motor is electrically controlled.
  5. The size of the cardboard scissors opening is adjusted to the belt differential.


  1. Extend the paperboard correction time, cardboard can be photographed multiple times and the bond is firm.
  2. The size of the cardboard is adjusted to be computer-adjusted or electrically adjustable.
  3. After the cardboard is photographed, the output is the adsorption belt conveying mode.
  4. After the beat, the unit can be electrically adjusted left and right.

Stacking paper counts neatly

  1. The number of count outputs can be set from 10 to 30 per pack.
  2. The stacking method is a belt drive stacking and a bottom plug stacking.
  3. The cardboard launch was introduced for pneumatic cylinders.


Stitcher Unit

Machine Features

  1. Ou Rui imported dual servo drive with accurate accuracy and reduced mechanical transmission, which can effectively reduce the mechanical failure rate.
  2. Weilun touch screen operation, parameter (nail distance, number of nails, nail type, back panel) change is convenient and fast.
  3. The entire control system uses Delta PLC control system.
  4. The rear electric baffle is driven by a stepping motor, and the size is accurate, and the size is more convenient and quick.
  5. The full contactor in the control box is based on the Schneider brand.
  6. Photoelectric and proximity switches are available under the Autonics brand.
  7. The bottom mold, the blade is made of Japanese tungsten steel (wear resistant).
  8. The whole set of nail heads are made of special steel, and the computer is precision machined.
  9. Can be nailed single nail /, double nail / /, reinforced nail (/ / / / / two ends are double nails in the middle part of a single nail) one-time completion, can be adapted to different customer requirements for nail types.
  10. Changing the size of the carton and adjusting the carton nail distance can be completed in one minute, which saves time and is easy to operate.
  11. Can be nailed to the lid & uncovered carton (if there is no cover to be nailed, it must be stated when ordering the machine).
  12. The front feed unit automatically counts, and the paper feed table is equipped with a photoelectric sensor that automatically rises when feeding.
  13. Adjust the nail cabinet, use the computer equipment to automatically adjust the nail cabinet, the nail distance is adjustable from 20-120mm.
  14. Mechanical speed: 600 nails per minute.
  15. The paper pad rubber wheel gap is electrically adjusted.


Technical Parameters


MAX SIZE(A+B)X2 3980mm MIN LENGTH A 250 mm
MIN SIZE(A+B)X2 740mm MAX HEIGH D 2000 mm
MAX SIZE(C+D+C) 3000mm MIN HEIGHT D 150 mm



Main Technical Parameters


No. Name Unit Specification
1 Mechanical inner width mm 3800
2 Design speed pcs/min 150
3 Economic working speed Pcs/min 80-100
4 Maximum feed size mm 1800×3800
5 Minimum feed size mm 450×1000
6 Maximum printing area mm 1800×3600
8 Die-cut cardboard thickness mm 2-10
9 Sheet feed size mm 2000×3600
10 Color accuracy mm ±0.7
11 Standard plate thickness mm 7.2
12 Adapt to cardboard thickness mm 2--10
13 Minimum slot spacing mm 350x100x350x100(mm)
14 Maximum slot depth mm 900
15 Printing cylinder axial adjustment mm ±10



Fully Suction,High Definition 6 Color Ink Printing(Bottom Printing) With Folder Gluer and Stitcher Inline 0


Fully Suction,High Definition 6 Color Ink Printing(Bottom Printing) With Folder Gluer and Stitcher Inline 1

Fully Suction,High Definition 6 Color Ink Printing(Bottom Printing) With Folder Gluer and Stitcher Inline 2


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